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Best Co-op Wines 2018

Silene Limoux Chardonnay Review

I’ve been busy on the Co-op front recently, so it must be time for a round-up. Just to be dramatic, I’m calling this article The Best Co-op Wines of 2018. And in an act of blatant self-aggrandisement, I’m going to give them medals — as if I have some kind of award-bestowing authority.

I obviously haven’t drunk my way through the enitre range, but after delving unhealthily deeply into the £8-£13 bracket, here are the fruits of my labour. All, entirely scientific and indisputable, of course. Click on the links to read the full reviews.


♦ Gold Medal 

Silene Limoux Chardonnay 2016. £9.99

Silene Limoux Chardonnay Review

“Like a honey and butterscotch blanket that coats your tongue”. It was a close call between this and the Saint-Veran, but this has been one of my favourite white wines of the year, full stop.

♦ Silver Medal 

A tie between the Cave de Lugny Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay £7.99 and the Domaine des Valanges Saint-Veran (currently unreviewed) £12.99

coop macon villagescoop saint veran

These two white Burgundys are like old friends to me. They’re both made with 100% Chardonnay, of course, and in very similar styles. But you do get what you pay for.

The Saint-Veran is beautiful. It’s clearly far more sophisticated than the Mâcon-Villages, and I much prefer it to the identically-priced Co-op Chablis. It’s even better than the Gold-Medal-winning Limoux Chardonnay. But… value is always a strong consideration for me and I know not everyone will want to pay £13 for a bottle of wine, so that’s why I’ve awarded the Saint-Veran joint-silver rather than gold. It was a close call though.

♦ Bronze Medal 

VDV Organic Verdejo 2016 (not currently reviewed). £7.99

vdv organic verdejo

Refreshing, unusual and great value, this Verdejo from northern Spain really surprised me. It’s got a lovely spicy, floral character, like sniffing the stems of wild flowers. Fruit-wise, pear and orange peel are the standout flavours. Perfect for summer, especially if you fancy something a bit different.


♦ Gold Medal 

Côteaux les Cèdres du Liban 2014. £12.99


This was such a pleasure to review, and whenever I mention Co-op wines, this is the one I get the most positive feedback for. It also gets the most web traffic out of all my Co-op reviews. Not cheap, but complex, with bold in-your-face flavours.

♦ Silver Medal 

Chateau Millegrand Cuvée Aurore 2014. £9.99

chateau millegrand minervois

Velvety smooth and fruity, with flavours of blackcurrant, cherry, menthol, violet and a wee hint of tobacco: this is my type of red. I can’t imagine anyone disliking it, and it’ll definitely appeal to lovers of Shiraz.

♦ Bronze Medal 

Château Brassac Bordeaux, 2014. £9.99

co-op chateau brassac bordeaux

I’m glad they’re still selling this old favourite (one of the first wines I reviewed on here). A Merlot-dominant Bordeaux blend, it’s definitely a go-to on those rare occasions I cook red meat. And it helped introduce me to the joys of tannin.

If you’d like a more up-to-date version of this article, please see my Best Co-op Wines 2019 

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