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Silene Limoux Chardonnay Review

Silene Limoux Chardonnay Review

Continuing my exploration of the new, “fancy range” at Co-op, this Silene Limoux Chardonnay is billed as “like a really good Burgundy but £30 cheaper.” I may have paraphrased that slightly, but the sentiment remains. So is this £10 bottle really comparable to a £40 Burgundy? Of course not — the Co-op’s copywriter’s got their head in the clouds, as usual, bless ’em. However… this is still a damn delicious way to spend a tenner.

The last time I had a Limoux Chardonnay it was from Aldi, part of their Exquisite Collection. I was disappointed to find they’d since discontinued it, but fear not… this one’s better, and not much more expensive.

Currently being marketed as a “best kept secret” brand, Limoux wines hail from a collection four AOCs in the Languedoc region in the south of France, just west of Provence. As well as Chardonnay, the area also produces Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Mauzac (a white grape which I must admit I’ve never tried).

I thought this one’s ancient/modern bottle looked a bit gimmicky at first, but I changed my mind after being won over by its contents. There’s nothing gimmicky about the honey and butterscotch blanket that coats your tongue here. It also passed my long-range smell test with flying colours. As soon as you pull that cork, out flies pear, honeysuckle and stone fruit. But the main surprise is… a whiff of white pepper. Not just your standard Burgundy impersonator after all, then.


Silene Limoux Chardonnay 2016. £9.99 from Co-op.

3 comments on “Silene Limoux Chardonnay Review

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  3. Just bought the last 4 2016 Silene Limoux from my local co-op.

    I hope it is still good 2-3 years older than this review, but at a half price flog-off price of £5.07 I cannot believe that a Jean Claud Mass wine worthy of 8 months in oak would not be worth a Fiver; this would surpass any understanding !


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