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Co-op Mâcon-Villages Review

Co-op Macon-Villages

Like a bee on a rose: I always protect my Co-op Mâcon-Villages with a wise, but conveniently small, kung fu master

There’s a Co-op supermarket about 50 seconds’ walk from my flat, so I’ve spend a lot of time with this wine. A white Burgundy from Mâcon, in the south of the region, made from 100 per cent chardonnay (as all white Burgundys are), it’s like a faithful friend. It’s helped me through some tough times. If Co-op ever stopped selling it, I’d feel genuinely sad. I’d probably write to my MP.

In fact, I have an almost synaethesic relationship with it. It smells of gold. Not the metal, of course, but the colour. Pear and melon drizzled with honey. When I smell it, I feel like a bee on a rose. You see… it makes me come over all poetic (or pretentious — take your pick).

Anyway, not to get too carried away, this is a very pleasant wine for £8. Don’t expect anything spectacular, despite my poetic description. I clearly have a soft spot for it, although if you’re willing to splash out an extra few quid I’d recommend upgrading to Co-op’s Saint-Véran (£12). Another white from southern Burgundy, and very much along the same lines… but even better.

Co-op Mâcon-Villages, 2015. £8.




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