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Aldi Exquisite Collection Shiraz Review

Aldi Exquisite Collection Shiraz Wine


It’s a nice feeling to be able to march along a supermarket’s wine isle and pluck one of its most expensive bottles from the top shelf. Unfortunately, not being some kind of pickled aristocrat, I can only justify doing this in my local Aldi, where nothing costs more than 11 quid.

It has to be said, some of Aldi’s whites are impressive for the money. I particularly like their £10 Pino Blanc (see here for review), while their Kiwi Pinot Gris is dangerously drinkable at under six pounds. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to have a similar experience with their reds. The Chateaneuf du Pape I tried a few months back was underwhelming, and their Pinot Noir was pretty much fruitless (if there was any fruit in there it was hiding behind a forest of oak).

I was hoping this Australian Shiraz would break the ropey reds rule, but alas not. This is part of the brand’s Exquisite Collection, but at £5.79 it’s still a cheap wine (even bearing in mind that Aldi prices start around £3). Even so, isn’t Shiraz supposed to exhibit bold aromas of dark fruits? The blurb promised me “succulent black cherries, ripe black plum fruits, blackberries… liquorice, sweet spice and eucalyptus.” I mean, it tasted inoffensive enough but I reckon you’d have to be a mutant bloodhound to detect any of that. Maybe a molecule of blackcurrant? Admittedly, I have had a bit of a cold, but surely my senses can’t have been that dulled. I could smell my food fine.

And it made my teeth go purple so I looked like an extra from Dawn of the Dead. Enough said.



Aldi Exquisite Collection Australian Shiraz. 2015. 14% vol.


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