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Italian White: Janare Falanghina Del Sannio 2015 Review

What to pair with non-psychedelic aubergines? This Falanghina, of course!


I reckon it’s a fair assumption that many people’s gateway white wines are Italian. Mine certainly were: Pinot Grigio, Suave, Gavi, Orvieto, Frascati, Fiano… the easy-drinking staples of the supermarket own-brand range (and the Pizza Express menu). Often, their inoffensiveness (or blandness, if you’re being unkind) is their chief appeal. Cold, crisp and neckable; I still have a soft spot for them on a hot summer day.

But if you fancy trying something slightly more interesting (although still along the same lines), this Falanghina is a good bet. It’s not as complex as a lot of similarly priced French whites, but you’ll find a nice balance of stone fruit and nuttyness here, with a fair bit of acidity.

This Falanghina is cultivated in Italy’s Campania region (which hugs the country’s west coast, below Rome) in the DOP (protected region) of Sannio, just north of Naples. A grape that’s grown in stature in recent years, it’s a popular choice in southern Italy, where they like to pair it with seafood. Of course, it’d also go well with pasta and Italian cheeses like mozerella and parmesan.

Weirdly, this was recommended to me to pair with a recipe for “non-psychedelic aubergines”. Don’t ask… just click here if you need further explanation.

I’m off to Florence in a few weeks, so expect more Italian wine reports soon…



Janare Falanghina Del Sannio 2015. 13.5% vol. £13 from Seven Cellars, Brighton, as well as other stockists online.

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