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New Miraval White Wine, From Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Estate, Exclusively At Co-op


You may have heard of Miraval as the winery famously bought by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But, of course, Hollywood’s former golden couple can’t take credit for the winemaking there. Non non non, that goes to the Perrin family, who have been making quality wines in the Rhône Valley for many a year.

Miraval wine hails from a bit farther south than the Rhône, in Provence, a region known worldwide for its rosé. And, indeed, the “Studio by Miraval Rosé” is the one you’ll have seen on British shelves — easily recognisable for its distinctively curvy bottle and label that resembles a Chanel perfume.

But, in Hollywood, every success story needs a sequel, so now there’s Studio Blanc by Miraval (does anyone else get the Studio Line advert music in their head when they read this name?). You guessed it… it’s a white wine. But what you probably wouldn’t have guessed (unless you read the headline of this post properly) is that it’s exclusively available at the Co-op. For now, at least.

By the way, Studio by Miraval takes its name from a recording studio on the estate, where Pink Floyd, AC/DC and The Cure have all recorded. But is this wine a hit?

So What’s The Wine Like?

Studio Blanc is made from Vermentino grapes (known as Rolle grapes in Provence). This is not the best-known varietal in the UK, but Vermentino tends to produce light, fruity and aromatic wines.

The dominant flavour in Miraval Studio Blanc is pear, accompanied by soft floral notes and tangy lime. Although it is a dry wine, there’s a little lick of buttery sweetness in there too, possibly due to malolactic fermentation. It reminded me somewhat of a pear tart. And you can’t get much more French than that.

Sure, the location and owners of the winery make for a good talking point, but this is a chic and crowd-pleasing wine that’s very easy to enjoy.

Studio Blanc by Miraval 2019 (12.5% ABV) is available at Co-op for £12

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