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Augmented Reality Wine! A Look At Journey’s End’s Identity Range

identity shiraz

I’ve been predicting a virtual reality boom for decades. Personally I’m looking forward to the Star Trek Holodeck days when I can be chilling in a realer-than-real rainforest treehouse without having to leave my sofa.

But until the tech gets up to speed, augmented reality will have to do. So I was excited to hear about Journey’s End’s new, six-wine “augmented reality” Identity range. It’s not, of course, the taste that’s augmented, as my click-baity title suggests. No, it’s the label, silly.

Now, I reckon the labels are cool enough to start with, dragging the surrealism of Dali and Magritte into Journey’s End’s Stellenbosch vineyards. But to view them in their fully augmented glory you’ll need to download the Plonk app (for Android or iPhone).

Et voila, you will thus witness the label’s medieval trebuchet swinging into action, its bees buzzing, geese soaring, flowers dancing, and, naturally, a car flying, like something from The Wizard of Oz. Yes, with a little sleight of hand you will surely be able to convince your friends that you have slipped something psychedelic into their Shriaz*. If that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

Identity Shiraz and Identity Sauvignon Blanc will be available in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK from October 2020 with an RRP of £9.

*The Wine Ninjas do not officially endorse the use of illicit entheogens.

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