Champagne Bruno Paillard 2009 Assemblage Hits The UK

bruno paillard assemblage 2009

Following on from my review of their super-dry Dosage Zéro Champagne, I’m happy to announce that Reims-based producer Maison Bruno Paillard has launched its 2009 “Assemblage” onto the UK market.

Made exclusively from the first pressings of grapes from ten of the best terroirs in the Champagne region, the Assemblage 2009 is an equal blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Seven years of its ten years of ageing were on the lees, which has contributed to its rich and complex notes of candied fruits and spice.

In keeping with the house style, it’s a dry one too, with a very low dosage (or added sugar content) of just 5g per litre – putting it firmly in the “extra brut” category.

The Flavours

Pouring out a golden straw colour, the Assemblage throws out a sharp and generous palate of bright citrus, white fruit and honeysuckle notes, with a background of musky almond, French oak and brioche. Not surprising, given its extended seven-year stretch on the lees.

A lovely mineral complexity and a satisfying finish make this a distinguished sparkling wine, and certainly one to reserve for special occasions. Serve it with oysters or creamy mussels in white wine. Don’t waste it on your barbecue guests!

By the way, I’m also a big fan of the label art, by Anna-Lisa Unkuri. I’m off to trawl the web to see some more of her work…


Champagne Bruno Paillard “Assemblage” 2009 will be available at Hedonism Wines for £68.80.

For further info about the house, visit

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