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Sparkling-Wine Bar Grays & Feather Coming To Covent Garden, London

Grays and Feather covent garden

Ever since my first visit to Florence, a few years ago, I’ve been banging on about “enotecas”: wine shops where you can sit down and try before you buy, generally alongside some cheese-‘n’-charcuterie nibbles. There are loads of them in Italy, and we need more in the UK! Well… boutique sparkling-wine bar Grays & Feather slots into the concept nicely.

Opening in late August 2018 on Wellington Street, Covent Garden (near the Lyceum Theatre), Grays & Feather will doubtless get lots of footfall from the post-work crowd. Even better, it’s in a sweet spot for visitors who are so Ab Fab that they can’t get through an afternoon of shopping without a fizz fix.

I’m intrigued by their promise to “showcase undiscovered and unusual wines from small, hidden, experimental winemakers across the globe”, although I’m hoping English sparkling wines will be well catered for. We are making some of the best bubbles on the planet right now, after all. At the time of writing UK wine is represented on their website by Bolney Estate’s Cuvée Noir, but I’m looking forward to seeing the range expand once the bar has opened.

Grays and Feather covent garden

I’m told the wine list will be complemented by an international menu of small plates, in true enoteca style, while they’ll also be hosting events, including personal tastings with founder Andrew Gray, who started the business as a market stall in 2011. Here’s hoping this Feather gets of to a flying start (boom boom).

Grays & Feather is (fingers crossed) coming to Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7DD in late August

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