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Vicampo UK Special Offer: Leitz 4 Friends Riesling

LEITZ 4 friends riesling

German online wine merchant Vicampo have extended their tentacles into the UK. And to showcase the launch of their British arm, they kindly sent me a dozen samples to slurp through and evaluate. There was much excitement at the Wine Ninja hideout when that box arrived.

And while the overall quality was really impressive, my favourite was this Leitz 4 Friends Riesling.

In response to my words of enthusiasm (below), Viampo have set up a special offer page for Wine Ninjas readers (see the link at the bottom). £49.90 for six (reduced from £83.40) works out at £8.32 per bottle (and postage is free); outstanding value for a wine of this quality. The Vivino website gives the Leitz 4 Friends an average price of £11.68 per bottle, which which is roughly where I would have placed it on a blind tasting.

Leitz 4 Friends Riesling Review

If you’re one of those Brits who thinks they don’t like Riesling, here’s the wine to convert you – and to make you realise why Riesling is one of the grape varieties most loved by sommeliers. I’m completely confident that even the staunchest Rieslingophobe will enjoy this dry and fruity white, from esteemed producer, Leitz. So are Vicampo. They’ll refund you if you don’t like it.

That isn’t going to happen though because, you see, the Leitz 4 Friends is just so very… likeable. Its mouthwatering mash-up of soft peach, zingy lime and singed orange zest is a nailed-on crowd pleaser. In the mouth, its grapefruit acidity is refreshing without being harsh.

Despite being from the landlocked Rheingau region of southern Germany (near Frankfurt),  it reminds me of the sea, thanks to a subtly salty minerality on the nose. All this makes it a perfect partner for a fish fillet with a squeeze of lemon on top.

Its summery flavours are complemented by a lightness in colour and body, while its 12% alcohol volume is a blessing, considering how moreish it is.

It may not be not hugely complex, but this is a really elegant expression of the grape. And while it retains those destinctively Rieslingy characteristics of petroleum and rubber, they’re mere backing singers to the lead vocals of peach, grapefruit and lime.

Refreshing, elegant and ever so drinkable, this is, as the name suggests, a Riesling worth sharing. (Although probably not with “4 friends” –  a quarter of a bottle each just ain’t gonna be enough.)



£49.90 for a case of six (£8.32 per bottle equivalent), with free postage.

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