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Aldi Organic Pinot Grigio Review

aldi organic pinot grigio delle venezie doc

The Background

The Victorian-medicine-bottle design on this Aldi Organic Pinot Grigio is so alluring, you could unveil it at a party and non-Aldi shoppers would think you’d found it next to the artisan cheese in some hip delicatessen. Not that you’d deliberately deceive your friends, of course.

Yep, this really jumps off the shelf at you, especially if you’re a sucker for retro packaging, like me. It’s from the Delle Venezie designated area of north-eastern Italy, which was promoted to DOC (the second highest Italian wine classification) from IGP in 2017. In Italy, the DOC designation promises a certain standard of quality, so to get an organic DOC wine for £5.99 is impressive.


Taste-wise, it’s as expected: white fruits dominate, with strong apple and pear aromas starring against a backdrop of honey and citrus. Aldi’s description also mentions acacia flowers. Well… if you know what an acacia flower smells like, you might get that too. If you’re lucky.

On the tongue, it’s dry and refreshing, with none of the sour, acrid aftertaste you can get with whites in this price range. It’s not a life-changer, but then nobody’s expecting epiphanies for six quid.

The Verdict

I don’t often go below £8 for a supermarket wine… except at Aldi. And at £5.99, this Aldi Organic Pinot Grigio combines enjoyable white-fruit flavours with stylish packaging — and the reassuring knowledge that it’s been organically produced.

But… before you fill your trolley, there is a small caveat to this recommendation. If you slide your gaze a few bottles to the side on the Aldi shelf, you should come across its rival, the Freeman’s Bay Pinot Gris from New Zealand. This is an even better wine, and (at the time of writing) it’s 30p cheaper than the Pinot Grigio at £5.69. If you like Pinot Grigio, I’m willing to bet you love its sibling Pinot Gris. And the Freeman’s Bay is so good I labelled it the UK’s best value white wine, in my first ever five star review.

Caveats aside: price, presentation and taste combined make this worth…


Aldi Organic Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie, 2016. £5.99, 12% vol

4 comments on “Aldi Organic Pinot Grigio Review

  1. Avril stevens

    Why is this no.longer available it’s the best organic wine


  2. Yvonne Walsh

    £6 in the uk. I paid €12.99 in Ireland for it 😡.


  3. Polly Edmonds

    Beautiful wine . Tastes much more expensive . Would buy over any other


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