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Tuscan Treasures from Monterosola Winery Now Available In UK

Ah, the taste of Tuscany. You know where you are with a glass of Sangiovese alongside an array of tomato, oregano, pork and gluten-based foods. Well.. I was in Brighton when I tasted these offerings from the Monterosola Winery, but with eyes closed I could almost have been in Florence, Chianti or the Bolgheri region, where Monterosola wines are made.

Monterosola translates to hill of poppies, an evocative mental image to pair with an evocative taste. And although this winery produces the most Italian of wines, it’s actually owned these days by Swedes, who bought the vineyards in 2013, bringing on board some space-age-looking, organic viticultural technology (the concrete tanks that house the wine for some reason make me think of giant, lemon-hued Bluetooth speakers), and opening the cellar doors to visitors in 2019.

As you’d expect, Sangiovese is the dominant grape in these wines, but the reds also make use of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc and Merlot, while the Primo Passo white blends the lesser known (to me, at least) Grechetto and Manzoni Bianco with Viognier.

The reds I sampled were characteristically rich in colour and taste; spicy and powerful, with bold fruit flavours and distinctive oak notes. An excellent example of Italian (via Sweden) winemaking, which makes me realise my last trip to Italy was too long ago.

But what you really want to know now is where you can buy these Tuscan Treats in the Uk. At the time of writing five Monterosola reds are available from Orlando’s Fine Foods, a company that imports the flavours of Sicily and Tuscany to the UK. Saluti, miei amici!

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