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Sea Change Eco-Friendly Rosé Review

sea change rose wine

It’s always encouraging to see winemakers taking a socially and environmentally conscious stance. And, following on from my recent piece about Nice Wine’s NHS charity initiative, here’s some news about eco-conscious wine brand Sea Change’s premium-rosé launch.

It comes from Chateau Pigoudet in the heart of Provence — the area golbally regarded as the heart of quality rosé wine. Sure, Provencale rosé isn’t difficult to get hold of in the UK, but this one donates to marine conservation charities to fight plastic pollution with every bottle sold, while its minimal packaging uses no plastics on the bottle and closure.

It also uses a new biodegradable and compostable label material called Natureflexclear, which is made solely from plant cellulose.

That’s All Great But… How Does It Taste?

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited on a tour of some of Provence’s premier wineries (see below for photographic evidence), where they produce some of the world’s finest rosé. And I can confirm that this stuff measures up to the (insane amounts of) wine I was tasting over there.

It has that distinctively herbaceous, saline hit on the nose you expect from Provencale rosé. In the mouth, you’ll discover a zesty, refreshing citrus tang, alongside strawberry and peach flavours, all offset by a slightly bitter background of grapefruit. Its extremely pale rose-gold colour and the minimal sophistication of the hand-drawn seahorse logo add to the experience — especially when it’s well chilled and dappled with a light perspiration of water droplets.

The French often enjoy rosé with ice, you know. That’s all good for the cheap stuff, but I wouldn’t dilute a wine of this stature.

The Verdict

A classy, refreshing and distinctively French dry rosé, which will infuse your senses with Mediterranean sunshine while also supporting a vital cause.


Bandol wine tour, Provence
A Ninja In Provence

The new Provence rosé and the rest of the Sea Change wine collection are available online at www.seachangewine.com with the Provence Rosé at £15.99, or £13.99 for a mix of six. You can buy the Provence Pack, comprising three bottles, for £42.97.

For more information on the charities Sea Change work with visit www.seachangewine.com/partners.



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