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Resveratrol Benefits Claimed, As World’s Healthiest Red Wine Hits UK

worlds healthiest red wine

We’ve all heard claims about red wine’s health benefits. But are some red wines healthier than others? And is there a world’s healthiest red wine? Producers Domaine Laougoué claim there is, and it’s now available in the UK, at the boutique wine shop, who specialise in  importing organic and biodynamic wines.

Made from the Tannat grape in Madiran, south-west France, Domaine Laougoué’s wines have apparently been shown to have the highest concentration of procyanidins (a class of flavanoid) and resveratrol (a natural phenol) of any wine — four times the regular amount, in fact.

These powerful antioxidants are found in Tannat’s thick skins, and have been linked with heart health, LDL cholesterol reduction, and cancer prevention, and are thought to fight free radical damage and promote cellular health.

Of course, there’s always some new panacea or elixir of youth (once upon a time it was orange juice, I believe). But while further research is required, antioxidants like resveratrol do have some highly-regarded advocates. Check out this clip of Harvard biologist and professor of genetics David Sinclair talking to Joe Rogan about resveratrol… and looking remarkably fresh-faced for 50 while doing it.

If you’re interested in the subject of longevity, and resveratrol in particular, you’ll doubtless have heard of the French Paradox. This states that, despite consuming a diet high in saturated fats, the population of south-western France have, on average, surprisingly long lives and relatively few cases of death from coronary heart disease.

Some researchers put this phenomenon down to the cardioprotective benefits of the local, traditionally produced red wine, which they claim helps to counteract the effects of all the bread, cheese and rich, sugary desserts they enjoy. Of course, it could also be that they’re just too happy to die. I mean, they have the best climate, best diet, best wine… why not the longest lives too?

Anyway, if you’re interested in trying these healthy red wines for yourself, Wanderlust Wine have two varieties of Domaine Laougoué Tannat available:


Made from the Tannat grape, Camy is rich and fruity, with aromas of plum, prune, damson and blackcurrant and a hearty, full-bodied structure.* (vegan friendly)

14% volume, £14.99 from


Also made from the Tannat grape, this is Domaine Laougoué’s premium cuveé. Powerful, yet fine, it is made from the best barrels of the vintage and features black fruits, bramble, blackberry and dark cherry flavours, integrated into a long, layered and complex wine.* (vegan friendly)

14% volume, £41.99 from

*Note: I have not tried either of these wines myself, and these tasting notes come from the producers.

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