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Aldi Mini Wine Cellar — Is Not A Cellar At All

I’ve seen a few online “news stories” talking about the new Aldi mini wine cellar today. Unfortunately, these barely disguised press releases (gushing, as they tend to do, with overuse of the words “the perfect”) all seem to be suffering from Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome. Because, as anyone can see from these pictures, the Aldi Mini Wine Cellar doesn’t resemble a cellar in any conceivable way whatsoever.

No. It’s a rack. Sure, it’s a useful, innovative little wooden storage solution that’d make a nice stocking filler for someone who already owns five bottles of wine. But it’s still a rack. 

The other aspect that’s been neglected here is that this Aldi wine rack houses a bottle of 2017 Château Les Mauberts Bordeaux, made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

I haven’t tasted this particular wine but,  knowing Aldi, there’s a good chance it’s very decent value, especially if you can be bothered to age it. So when you consider the whole package only costs a tenner, I’d recommend snapping one of these up before they’re all gone. 

Because let’s face it, they’re bound to be a good seller. And that’s seller, not cellar. Because… it’s a rack! 

See the Aldi website for further details.

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