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Aldi Wine In A Can: Review

aldi wine in a can

“Cute” is one of the first adjectives to spring to mind when looking at these attractively packaged, pastel-shaded cans of lightly sparkling Italian “frizzante” wine from Aldi. But do they taste as bursting with sunshine as they look?

Of course, you can’t smell, swirl or look at wine when you’re guzzling it from a can, so canning top quality vino would be a pointless exercise. But that’s not the issue here: these are low-cost, convenient, easy drinking summer picnic wines. And with this in mind, they serve their purpose well.

For review purposes, I tried them both from a glass and straight from the can.

The Aldi Castellore Pinot Grigio Frizzante, throws out bright peach and pear aromas from the glass. In the mouth it’s acidic and lemony with a touch of dry yeastiness (presumably from being left on the lees, like Champagne). It’d suit a Friday night train journey en route to a weekend by the sea, although its slightly “sulphitey” (is that a word?) dryness means you’ll want to bring some bar snacks to go with it. Salted peanuts perhaps.

The Aldi Castellore Rosé Frizzante is softer and somewhat sweeter. It actually works better straight out the can than the Pinot. From a glass, the smell of strawberry fields comes floating through, backed by a cavalry of peach. If I had to choose between the two, this’d win by a whisker. 

Two good-value options, as you’d expect from Aldi.


The Castellore Frizzante Pinot Grigio and Castellore Frizzante Rosé cans are available to buy in stores nationwide now for £1.69 each (200ml).

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