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Selfridges Stocks Up On Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

selfridges bloody shiraz gin

You can imagine the meeting: “what are two of the most on-trend drinks today? Gin and Shiraz, right? Why not make… Shiraz gin?!” Why not indeed. Shiraz’s smooth, full-bodied, fruit-packed flavour has made it the world’s most popular red wine — and deservedly so, I say.

The grapes for this particular concoction come from the Yarra Valley region, not far from my birth place — Melbourne. And, because they’re Australian, they’ve named it “Bloody Shiraz Gin” (of course they have, mate). For nearly two months, the producers left their excess Shiraz grapes in contact with their dry gin until it turned that familiar plummy shade of Shiraz purple.

“The flavours of spice and pepper from the Shiraz combined with the citrus and juniper notes from the gin created a delightful hybrid,” says the PR blurb. I’ll have to take their word for it for now, because I haven’t tasted it yet.

My only concern is… gin is rumoured to make some people emotional, so what might the combo of gin and red wine do to them? Could get messy. But running the experiment will be fun.

Bloody Shiraz Gin (37.8% vol) is available now from Selfridges’ London store, priced £49.99

They also stock Four Pillars Spiced Negroni gin (£46.99)

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