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Aldi Astélia Limoux Chardonnay Review: The Best Aldi White Wine?

aldi astelia limoux chardonnay

If I were ever attacked in the wine isle at Aldi (you never know, it could happen), the bottle I’d pick for self-defence purposes would be this Aldi Astélia Limoux Chardonnay. The glass is thick and heavy enough to stop a charging rhino.

Cluedo-style acts of violence aside, this would also be my bottle of choice for drinking purposes because, at the time of writing, it’s my favourite white wine in the store. Sure, the Freeman’s Bay Pinot Gris provides the best value at a ridiculous £5.69, but this is a classier, more complex wine with greater depth of flavour. And that’s reflected in the price (£8.99).

Rich honey, creamy pear and a crumb of apple pie smack you on the nose here (sorry, I’ll lay off the violent imagery now), while on the tongue a touch of gooseberry citrus partners buttery oakiness and a thankfully light touch of oak. It’s as bold and dry as an Arnold Schwarzenegger put-down. But, of course, far more elegant.

It’s made by the respected producers Paul Mas in the Limoux AOC of the Languedoc region of south-western France. In the Languedoc, you tend to get more for your money than in some of the higher-profile regions of France. And at this price, the Aldi Astélia Limoux Chardonnay is a beautiful bargain. I’m not sure how Aldi do it, and I’m veering on suspicion that they can do it at all.


Aldi Limoux Chardonnay 2016. £8.99. 13.5% vol

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