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Aldi Black Star Pfalz Review: the Ideal Game of Thrones Wine?

Aldi Black Star Pfalz

It was Game of Thrones night at my place, so I sent for a raven. Well… I bought this Aldi Black Star unfiltered Pfalz. A robust red wine with a Game of Thronesy label (featuring a starling in a hat and bow tie), it was the closest I was getting to Dornish mead that night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from its blend of grapes from Germany’s Pfalz region. It’s billed as a “mystical wine”. Not sure what they mean by that, but I was getting blackcurrant, smoky tobacco and chocolate from it. I didn’t decant, as recommended, but the lack of filtering caused no sediment issues. Surprisingly complex for a wine this price, I’d pair it with a… Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

I’ve often wondered what sort of wine virtuoso Game of Thrones grape guzzler Tyrion Lannister drank. Dark, complex, unfiltered, fruity on the mouth… I reckon this would suit him well.

At this price, it’s just about worthy of…


Aldi Black Star Unfiltered Pfalz, 2016: £7. 14% vol. 

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