The Web’s Best Wine Blogs


Wine Folly’s Madeline Puckette

Of course, there are hundreds of wine blogs out there clamouring for your attention. But how many of them consistently pour out entertaining, well-written, informative and original features? Not as many as you’d hope. Personally, I can’t get on with anoraky writing. Facts, figures and ratings bore me. I want the human angle. How does a wine make you feel? What compelled you to buy it? Does its purchase have a humorous backstory?

I’m presuming you don’t want to be flattened by an avalanche of ideas (how is anyone supposed to digest a list of the “103 best wine blogs”?). So I’ve made this nice and concise for ya. Here are (in no particular order) my current top five wine blogs. If you know about any others along these lines that I should check out, please tell me about them!

The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club
Most mothers will tell you that wine is a life saver at the arse end of a day of being shouted at by a demanding little imp who’s been around for less time than most of your socks. And you can tell from the name of this UK site what the tone is going to be. Fun, informal, irreverent… like any good blog should be. Helen McGinn writes with verve, and the design is as elegant as a crisp white Burgundy. I’d have put the apostrophe after the S though.

Wine Folly
Not so much a blog as an encyclopaedic resource of expert features and tips aimed at people like you and me, who are looking to improve their wine knowledge. Wine Folly’s standout feature is its superb graphics, charts and diagrams, which illustrate subjects like pairing and grape varieties more vividly than even the most deftly written paragraph ever could. The site’s content director Madeline Puckette is the brilliant brains behind these. I might have a bit of a crush on her.

The Wine Wankers
What a fabulous name for a blog this is. And the Wine Wankers could have only ever come from one country — Australia. I knew they were Australian before I read a single word they’d written. They’re “all about wine without the wankery”. And what’s not to like about that? It’s exactly the tone I’m going for myself. Some of their social media posts are a bit “meme-tastic” for my taste, but this is wine writing with wit and character. They produce some excellent video content too. Oh, and I didn’t rip off their name. I only heard about them after they followed me on Twitter.

Reverse Wine Snob
Again, the name says it all. As does the tag line “thumbing your nose at wines over $20”. There are too many ads on here for my liking, but I applaud the concept and the site is neatly organised, so you can easily browse recommendations by grape or region.

The Wine Ninjas
You didn’t expect me to leave myself off here did you? I’m modest, but not stupid. Or is that the other way around? Anyway, it’s all very well getting the opinions of world-renowned experts, but sometimes you just want to read the thoughts of some idiot who’s still learning and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. And who runs around pretending to be a ninja. Don’t you? You can relate to that guy, right? Don’t answer that.


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